Volunteer Spotlight: Mignon & Carolyn

Find your treasure

You might have heard Mignon (left) on the local radio updating you about the inventory of our Thrift Store, or perhaps you recognize her from the check-out. She and Carolyn (right) volunteer at the Stover Animal Rescue Thrift Store from Thursday to Saturday. They are very grateful for your donations and they work hard to make all items look presentable. Mignon: “Stan, Jay, Wendy, and James, from a Sheltered Workshop, help out as well. They are excellent workers. However, we can always use extra hands, especially on Saturday. There’s always something to do!” 

Both women are deeply rooted in the community and want to offer the people of Stover a place to come together. More and more people seem to know about this spot for good deals and a worthy cause, partly because of recent improvements in the store and the lowered prices. Mignon: “People tell us they like coming in. We’re happy to see returning customers, but we also see new faces, such as out-of-towners on their way to the lake. Everybody is welcome.”

All proceeds are used for rescuing cats and dogs and finding them a new home. This all happens in and around the attached rescue, such as caring for animals, microchipping, and the screening of possible adopters. All of this is done by volunteers. Carolyn: “The store works both ways: customers get quality products for a fair price and they support our mission to rescue animals in Missouri at the same time.” 

Mignon and Carolyn both love animals and find volunteering, although it can be hard to witness how some animals have been neglected, very rewarding. Carolyn: “For both of us, it’s all about getting animals a new home and the other volunteers do a stellar job in this. Even when it comes to dogs or cats who appear not adoptable at all, they succeed in matching them to the right person.”

The Thrift Store always welcomes donations. You can drop off clean items in good repair during Thrift Store opening times (Thur - Sat, 11 am - 4 pm). What’s usually for sale? Mignon: “We have clothing, shoes, books, jewelry, crafts, household items, and furniture. Recently, Morgan County Public Library made a generous donation of 200 books and we sell gift baskets around the holidays. We invite everyone to come to look for their next treasure!”

Also interested in volunteering?