SAR Cares - Year in Reviw:  2019

SAR Cares about community pets and there are several programs established to help with TNR (trap/neuter/return) of community cats.  By humanely trapping, spaying and neutering and returning to their colonies, cats can live happily and the community benefits from controlling the overpopulation of community cats.

We partner with Stover and area communities to organize and ______ TNR efforts, both by offering free clinics and assistance for caretakers who are unable to pay for the sterilization of stray and feral cats.  Our efforts to-date are 430 cats in Stover, Warsaw, Ionia, Cole Camp, Lincoln, Versailles, Barnett and Gravois Mills.  With the help of Lake Pet Hospital vets and vet techs, community volunteers, partnerships with other area rescues (Pawsibilities are Endless, CATS of Sedalia and others, we are able to offer help.   Funding to provide this service is through SAR's fundraising efforts, donations from Colorado Animal Rescue Express, AnimalKind, Caring Hearts and other great organizations who believe and support our efforts.  Without you - we could not help them!

Another passion of SAR is to offer outreach funding to low-income community members to enable them to keep their pets versus surrendering them into the shelter system.  Some reasons for surrender may be behavioral, health-related, the inability to temporarily house them due to an owner's health, traveling, medical conditions, etc.  We are working on a program to offer assistance when funds are available to provide temporary boarding, medical funds directly to veterinary providers who provide a rescue discount, and spay and neutering to prevent unwanted animals and overpopulation.

Another service that we are passionate about is partnering with other licensed rescues within Missouri and outside of our state in order to help surrendered pets that we are unable to intake due to space get safely into the hands of rescues/shelters.  We have not kept the count of the number of animals that have gone onto find their forever families through other rescues, but it's a large number.  This doesn't include transferring adoptable animals who we were able to intake.  One of our goals as a facility is to ensure that our adoptable animals aren't in our shelter environment for an extended amount of time.  We love them and would keep them forever, but let's face it - we do have limited adopters in our area and without those partnerships with other licensed rescues - we wouldn't ever have space.  Transferring also allows us to help more and gives these pets better visibility at bigger facilities in larger cities to get them adopted more quickly.

There is strength in numbers and without the partnerships we have fostered throughout the years, we would not have been successful helping pets find their perfect families, spayed and neutered the cats through our TNR efforts, provided outreach for people and pets to stay together and helped as many pets as we have!

We also believe that transparency is a critical piece of the puzzle and providing information on disposition of our adoptable animals can be found here.

Our lifesaving percentages are as follows:

2019 - 83 animals were in our care - 2 died in our care - 98% live release rate

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