Volunteer Spotlight: Sensenig Family

The Sensenigs are some of our very own most valuable players! Mother Erin, a full-time domestic engineer, provides care for dogs and cats at Stover Animal Rescue (SAR) with her two daughters Makayla and Kiara. These two girls foster young kittens until they are ready to be adopted into a permanent loving home. Larry, the father of the family, has worked in construction for many years and recently helped us together with his family in repairing and improving our building and kennels. 

Erin: “We started volunteering to give our girls an opportunity to work with animals – a longtime desire of ours – and the best part is knowing they are helping homeless animals become a good fit to find a loving forever home.” Larry and Erin have also recently joined the Board of Directors of Stover Animal Rescue to help with strategic decisions for the development and continuity of SAR.


Caring for animals can be wonderful and they bring so much joy, but sometimes it can get a little sad. Of course, the hardest part is becoming attached to the animals – and especially when one they are working with passes away (many come from very poor health situations) in spite of their efforts. The Sensenigs are a stellar example of a family working together to support their community and promote good in the world by volunteering. We thank you, and all other volunteers who make rescue work possible!

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