Stover Animal Rescue (SAR) provides a safe, clean and healthy environment for as many needy pets as we have room, volunteer staffing and resources to give high quality care. We strive to set the standard for compassionate treatment of living beings by offering rescue, training, education and resources whenever possible.

Stover Animal Rescue is a no-kill nonprofit 501(c)3 dog and cat rescue in central Missouri. We operate completely by the amazing work of our volunteers, and are funded totally through donations and our Thrift Store - without any type of governmental support - and we partner with other animal advocacy groups. Your tax-deductible donations go 100% to providing care for the animals.





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Dallas needs to have someone he can sit in their lap with. He just loves being rubbed and petted, having a nice, canned meal here and there! Very affectionate boy. 
Murphy is pretty low energy, laid back kitty. Doesn’t require much but does enjoy the hide a treat puzzle games, a little petting now and then and observing his surroundings. His allergy’s flare up every once in awhile so sometimes he has the sniffles. We treat with an otc med when they flare up.