Did you know that every year 1.5 million pets are
unnecessarily euthanized in U.S. shelters?

Stover Animal Rescue is a No-Kill nonprofit 501(c)3 dog and cat rescue in central Missouri. We operate completely by the amazing work of our volunteers, and are funded totally through donations and our Thrift Store - without governmental support - and we partner with other animal advocacy groups. Your tax-deductible donations go 100% to providing care for the animals.





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GiGi loves her toys, especially balls and a game of fetch is ideal! Gigi was found in park with her puppies. He puppies were taken from her and she was brought to the shelter. She suffers anxiety maybe due to that trauma. She becomes very anxious when she sees other dogs if she’s confined in a car or kennel. Dogs sharing a fence aren’t ...read more about GiGi
Victor is about 3 years old - a young, strong, and energetic mixed breed boy who would be very happy in a large fenced area during the day and coming in to be your companion at night. Affectionate with people, and good with kids.  He is dog selective, does best with a non - aggressive, young passive female, and doesn't do well with cats.&n...read more about Victor