Donation Information


Stover Animal Rescue operates completely by volunteers and is funded through donations. There are several ways to support our organization: make a donation, adopt or sponsor a pet, shop for us using our Charity Wish Lists at or, walk your dog with WoofTrax, or visit our Thrift Store to donate items and/or find a treasure for a bargain. Help us make a difference in animal lives!


Because we staff entirely with volunteers, all donations go toward helping offset the costs of maintenance, expenses, and the care for our animals. Your support is much needed!  Make your tax-deductible donation today. Here are some ways you can give:

  • Donate in memory of a favorite pet or person
  • Set up a charitable trust to give now or later
  • Sponsor an improvement project or outreach service
  • Create your own fundraisers like a birthday party or garage sale


$60 will sponsor a cat or kitten, and $130 will sponsor a dog or puppy.  Often having the sponsor fee paid will encourage adoption, especially for those considered "less adoptable" - the older pet or those with health issues. You too can become a pet sponsor​

Charity Wish Lists has a simple way for you to support Stover Animal Rescue by purchasing items we need from our Amazon Wish List. These items will be delivered directly to our shelter with our heartfelt gratitude to you.  Check out our Chewy Wish List for another method of making direct purchases of needed items.  Both of these lists are updated regularly.

Walk for a dog

Download the WoofTrax app (Apple & Google Play) and walk your dog for us! Choose Stover Animal Rescue as your charity and track your miles - the more you walk, the more they donate. You can even walk a "virtual" dog if you don't currently own a pet. Find out more about WoofTrax.

Thrift Store

When you shop at our Thrift Store, you are supporting our rescue efforts. We sell clothing, shoes, books, jewelry, crafts, household items, furniture – and much more. Donations of lightly used items are welcome Thursday through Saturday from about 11:30 am to 3:30 pm.  Please consider calling our voicemail system at 573-377-4355 ahead of the day planned for your donations to see if there are special considerations due to heat, cold, assistance needed with unloading, etc.  Plan your visit to our Thrift Store

Thanks for supporting the animals!