Adoption Case: Amelia

Purrrrfect pet

Amelia, a sweet cat with severe health issues, has been welcomed into the home of Kelly Lynn Calton. How are they both doing? And what made Kelly choose a special needs pet? “She was the right cat for us!”

Has Amelia found her way around your home?

“I took her to the vet to have her good eye operated on, so now she is only blind in one eye. Amelia can fully see with her good eye and her breathing is also much better. She and her sister Siggy get fed high-quality foods without dye or corn by-products. Honestly, Amelia is spoiled rotten and has a million toys. Siggy takes care of Amelia like she is her baby. By now, she knows where everything is in the house and doesn't have a hard time with anything anymore!”

Have you had special needs pets before?

"I guess I always have. During high school, I had two cats with health issues who lived to be over 20 years old. Siggy also has slightly special needs. She gets very nervous about change and then eats weird objects. During the remodeling of our house, she ate sheetrock and foam flooring. She had to undergo a pretty big surgery where they removed her intestine and cleaned it all out. So I was also looking for a good sister for her to help her from being scared.”

How did Amelia catch your eye?

“Kittens get adopted easily, so I told Stover Animal Rescue I was looking for an older cat that may have a harder time getting adopted. The older cat I came to see was in a room with Amelia to help take care of her. I had decided on the older cat because I was looking for one that wanted to be on my lap all the time. When we left my husband said maybe we should take the blind one because we have the means to meet her special needs. The rescue told us another girl was also interested in the older cat or in Amelia. We decided we would take the one that was left. Somehow, we felt that would be the cat that needed us the most.”

How does it feel to care for one that takes a little more care or adaptation?

“Amelia only had a few days with us before I took her in for a check-up and to see if they could fix her eye. After surgery, she only required daily meds for a bit and she did not have too much recovery time. The only special care she requires is to know where I am or her sister is at all times. She yells for us when she can’t find us!”

What benefits you the most?

“Her love. She gives the best hugs. I know she loves me with all her little heart. Amelia sleeps with me, joins me during office work, and watches TV with me. She also rides on my shoulder while I clean the house like a parrot. We are all so glad to have her. Since Amelia can’t see well she runs to noises to get a better look - which has helped Siggy to be less afraid of sounds. Even with one eye, Amelia is the purrrrfect pet for us.”

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