Adoption Case: Max & Mojo

A new home for Max & Mojo

Stover Animal Rescue is a small, rural non-profit No-Kill animal rescue in Stover, Missouri. We rely completely on volunteers to run our daily operations, but our adopters are just as important. They offer abandoned and abused animals a well-deserved new home. Without adopters, our shelter would simply not exist. Meet adopter Kerry Clark, who recently took in dogs Mojo and Max. How did Kerry experience the adoption process?

Small community, big impact

Kerry Clark lives near Ashland, between Columbia and Jefferson City, and has worked as an agricultural researcher at the University of Missouri for the past thirty years. Spending her weekends in Clinton from 2003-2012, she used to drive through Stover twice a week. “I witnessed the development of the Stover Animal Rescue (SAR) Thrift Store, and then the animal shelter itself. I thought it was really wonderful that a small community like that would band together to address the problem of homeless pets.”

Kerry realized there were too many dogs available at the shelter for the number of people adopting in a small community such as Stover. Therefore, she decided that when her dogs would pass away, she would pay our shelter a visit. “This past year I lost four of my six dogs to old age, and my house became way too quiet. My remaining labrador needed new friends so I drove to your shelter. I was helped immensely by the volunteers, even though I arrived without realizing I should have made an appointment first.”

Adoption process

Max and Mojo immediately caught Kerry’s attention. These two dogs didn’t actually know each other until they were brought together for a meet-and-greet. Surprisingly, they fell in love and have been inseparable since the day they were adopted. 

“The adoption process at SAR went very well, except that I did not know in the beginning that you need an appointment to meet the animals. However, the staff helped me after hours and were excellent about getting someone to the shelter so my trip wasn’t wasted. I was so happy to learn of the good work of the volunteers at the Stover Animal rescue. You all make this a better world for so many animals and the people who love them.”

Rough start

When the dogs were at their new house, things got off to a bit of a rough start when Max tried to kill a turkey, and when both dogs attacked a goat. Luckily, both the goat and turkey were not harmed. After isolation of the dogs from the farm animals for a few weeks, then slow re-introduction, the dogs calmed down and have now befriended everyone else. “Max even has his own pet cat now who always snuggles with him. The turkey turned the tables and all the dogs now respect his dominion.”

Kerry’s house has a fenced yard and a dog door so the animals don’t have issues with being contained and are on their own to go outside. She has never experienced difficulties with house training once they had discovered the dog door.

Why adopt?

“Animals complete my life, and I want to keep them safe and happy. It makes me sad to see dogs without other canine friends, so I always have multiple dogs in my household. They bring such joy and comfort and excitement to life. We evolved with them and we both need each other.”

Funny enough, animals usually tend to find Kerry. Her mother always says she has the mark on her gate like hobos left during the depression to identify which houses would help them. Except, her mark is made by dogs and cats who know that if they show up at her house, they will be taken care of. “Most of my cats and dogs have been found. This is only my second time adopting a dog from a shelter.”

True friend

This animal-lover strongly believes that pets are not disposable items. It’s just like having kids, sometimes they act up, but that doesn’t mean you get rid of them. “You may have to adjust to some of their quirks. If you have a dog who is a problem, you and the dog should go to a good training class. Dogs need consistent behavior from you to understand what you are wanting from them.”

All of her animals have lots of companionship and good lives and are all deeply loved. But what happens when Kerry can’t be around anymore? “In case something happens to me, my animals are the primary focus of my will, and my life insurance is dedicated to their upkeep. They will never be homeless.”

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