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Meet our special foster: Carolyn Slater -- Monday July 13th, 2020

Carolyn Slater does a great job of fostering for Stover Animal Rescue!

Carolyn has cared for animals all her life. She and her husband farmed at their home outside Lincoln and Cole Camp; where she now cares for their remaining pets – a 30 year old and frisky pony named Scooter; his horse companion, Jack; three old chickens, Lassie (the rooster), and his ladies, Vivian and Louise; and three rescued dogs – a miniature Australian shepherd mix (Ben), a beagle mix (Rosie), and a chihuahua/rat terrier mix (Bud).

After having worked in a thrift shop in Lincoln for some time, Carolyn came to work at the Stover Animal Rescue thrift store in June 2019 as a volunteer to help the animals at our rescue. In November she began volunteer fostering for us as well, and is now fostering her sixth dog, Bruno, a small brown terrier mix. All five of her previous foster dogs have been successfully adopted to great homes.

Bruno is a small adult terrier mix recently found as an abandoned stray – and was very intimidated by larger dogs. He has settled in well with Carolyn and her household, is house-broken, has good manners, and is very affectionate. After some medical difficulties were successfully resolved, he has now become a permanently adopted pet in Carolyn’s home.

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