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Free Pet Food Pantry! -- Saturday July 27th, 2024

Pet Food Pantry

Now on the last Saturday of each month (when supplies are available), Stover Animal Rescue organizes a free Pet Food Pantry for those struggling to keep beloved pets at home and out of a rescue to be rehomed. You are welcome to drop by from 10 to 11:30 am at 709 West 4th Street, Stover Missouri 65078.  Please note:  Your pets need to be spayed or neutered, or in the process; and your assistance with volunteering and physical help at the pantry or the rescue - in order to keep our costs as low as possible - is greatly appreciated. Free food is limited to what we have available that day and will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis. Please bring your own bag or container for food. Completed application is required.

Thank you to our Donors!

Many thanks to our pet food donors that help you keep your pets at home with you:

  • Rachael Ray and Eukanuba, distributed by Leslie Roste, the volunteer Pet Food Pantry Coordinator for Great Plains Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GPSPCA) in Merriam, KS.
  • Sandi Outlaw with KC P.A.W.S. for the Goods Program  which provides pet food and supplies from a variety of donors at discounted prices for distribution to rescues.
  • Pam, at Callaway Hills Animal Shelter in New Bloomfield, MO, who collects food for rescues.
  • We are also grateful to several individual donors who bring us a variety of branded dog food when they have extra!

Stover Animal Rescue - Outreach

The Pet Food Pantry is one of the Community Outreach Services Stover Animal Rescue offers to the local area as we have available funding and supplies. We also provide TNR (trap/neuter/return) for community feral and stray cats. Furthermore, we offer pet supplies, referrals to trainers, and assistance with essential veterinary care (including spay/neuter and vaccines) for community families to enable them to keep their pets during times of crisis, to help with difficult pet behaviors, or to meet a pet's medical needs.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at our Pet Food Pantry!

Adoption Case: Wally -- Tuesday March 12th, 2024

Adoption Case: Wally

A Forever Home for Wally

Stover Animal Rescue is a small, rural non-profit No-Kill animal rescue in Stover, Missouri. We rely completely on volunteers to run our daily operations, but our adopters are just as important. They offer abandoned and abused animals a well-deserved new home. Without adopters, our shelter would simply not exist. We recently interviewed adopter Jesse, who recently took in Wally, a dog who had been at the shelter for many months. She shares her adoption experience with us:

Why did you adopt from Stover Animal Rescue?

I previously had adopted another dog from Stover Animal about 8 years ago. I knew I wanted to adopt another dog from one of the local shelters.

Why did you choose Wally and how did the volunteers help in your decision?

The volunteers helped me by answering all my questions about each of the dogs we were interested in. They help us interact with Wally and a couple other dogs. They worked with me and my dog to make sure he would be a perfect fit. Wally was the size of dog we were looking for along with the type of breed.    

What did you do to prepare for bringing Wally into your home?

I prepared for Wally's arrival by making sure he had his own spot in our house. I wanted to make sure he felt at home with us as it can be a scary to be in a new place after being at the shelter for so long. I also wanted to make sure that my other dog did not feel threatened by having someone new in their territory. 

Are you satisfied with you adoption experience and would you recommend other to adopt from Stover Animal Rescue?

The volunteers at the animal rescue made our adoption experience as easy as could be. They worked with me and my schedule. They made the time to meet me after hours to see the available dogs. We had our eye on a couple dogs in particular when I first visited. After meeting the dogs,    I brought my dog up with me to introduce him to the dogs we were looking at on neutral ground. My biggest concern was how my dog would do having a new dog in his space. The volunteers worked with me and let me take as much time as needed until I felt comfortable bringing him home. I would definitely recommend this shelter and the volunteers to others. Both experiences I had were wonderful. 

We are so happy with our experience with Stover and the volunteers there. They are doing a wonderful job taking care of the animals. You can tell the dogs while at the shelter are loved! Wally has been a wonderful addition to our family and we are thankful for the people at Stover for the care that they provide to the animals while there. 

Also interested in adoption?

Adoption Case: Missy -- Tuesday August 1st, 2023

Adoption Case: Missy (Missy was one if Willow's 8 puppies)

How did you choose Missy?

We chose to adopt after our dogs passed away. We were interested in having a puppy. She was 3 months old and a beautiful black lab mix.

How did you prepare to bring Missy home?

Before we got her we bought lots of chew toys to keep her from chewing shoes and furniture. That has worked great. She was potty trained in 2 days. Very smart little girl. We didn’t really have to many challenges. Getting used to the puppy hyper stage has been the hardest. She loves to jump on you. Training treats seem to be helping.

How was your experience adopting from Stover Animal Rescue?

Nancy at the shelter was wonderful working with. I would say that’s best adoption experience dealing with Stover Animal Rescue. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to adopt. 

Schedule an appointment today to meet your new family member!


Volunteer Spotlight: Larissa -- Tuesday August 1st, 2023

Volunteer Spotlight: Larissa

Meet Stover Animal Rescue Volunteer: Larissa!

I grew up in the Mississippi Delta. I currently have three cats and three dogs, who all just showed up at my house at one time or another. I have three sisters, seven lively nephews, and two sweet nieces. I love to travel, read, cook or bake, learn about history and culture. One of my biggest dreams is to spend more time in Europe, especially Switzerland. I stay very busy with my job at a local coffee shop and volunteering time at the shelter and also trying to keep up with my personal responsibilities and pets. It is so difficult to find the right balance, because I want to help all the animals, but realistically I have a limited amount of time and energy.

I have been a volunteer at SAR for around 9 years, I believe. My roles as an SAR volunteer are helping manage the cat side, keep up with cats’ medical needs and vaccinations, and watch for health issues. I also do dog and cat chores, one shift a week, and sometimes two. I help with cat adoptions as well. I started volunteering at SAR because I drove by every day on my way to work, and I’ve always had a special love and connection with animals and felt like I should do something to help them. I started out walking dogs one day a week, and I loved making them happy. I understand animals and feel their emotions. They give such unconditional love and acceptance, and none of them deserve to be sad or mistreated, only loved in return.

The most rewarding thing about volunteering is the connection you make with the animals. It is the best feeling to see them happy and thriving and healthy. They bring so much joy to my life. It’s also great to work together with others who love animals too. My greatest challenge as a volunteer is not letting myself get stressed or anxious about the animals or responsibilities. I would take them all home with me if I could.

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Adoption Case: Bootsie (Queenie) -- Tuesday August 1st, 2023

Adoption Case: Bootsie (Queenie)

Julian is a young man who recently moved into his own apartment and is now able to have an emotional support cat. He wanted a female cat because his previous experience was good with a female cat.  He didn’t have a preference on color but wanted to see which cat at the shelter he thought would be good support for him at home. He also knew that he did not want a kitten but an older, more mature cat who would be more calming for him. Bootsie was on the short list of his favorites after a couple of visits to the rescue and she sealed the deal when Julian sat down and Bootsie immediately came to him!  Bootsie had been a little skittish at the shelter so the volunteers were surprised to see her being so social with Julian.  They say that cats choose their owners! Julian completed all of the necessary paperwork for the adoption, with a little help from his caretaker, and they were ready to head home.
Julian had prepared in advance for Bootsie to move into his home, he had purchased all of the necessary supplies for having a cat including a giant cat tree!  Bootsie was not immediately social when she got to her new home, she hid under the bed and the couch, Julian would coax her out with treats but she would go right back to hiding. A few days after the adoption, Julian was surprised to find Bootsie in his closet! So he (he’s about 6 foot tall) got into the closet with her, they cuddled and got to know each other for several hours and Bootsie has been social ever since!  Bootsie enjoys sitting on her cat tree watching the birds and other activity outside so they plan to get a bird feeder to keep her entertained during the day while he is away. 
We were pleased to hear that Bootsie’s new family thought the adoption process through the rescue was easy to complete with the help of volunteers at the rescue to set up meet and greets, answer questions and assist with paperwork. They worked with a couple of volunteers to set up the visits, the volunteers answered questions and assisted with the paperwork as needed. We thank Julian for adopting from us and we wish Julian and Bootsie (now Queenie) a long and happy life together!

Meet our special foster Carolynn Slater -- Thursday October 15th, 2020

CarolynnSlater does a great job of fostering for Stover Animal Rescue!

Carolynn has cared for animals all her life. She and her husband farmed at their home outside Lincoln and Cole Camp; where she now cares for their remaining pets – a 30 year old and frisky pony named Scooter; his horse companion, Jack; three old chickens, Lassie (the rooster), and his ladies, Vivian and Louise; and four rescued dogs – a miniature Australian shepherd mix (Ben), a beagle mix (Rosie), a small terrier mix (Bruno), and a chihuahua/rat terrier mix (Bud). 
After having worked in a thrift shop in Lincoln for some time, Carolynn came to work at the Stover Animal Rescue Thrift Store in June 2019 as a volunteer to help the animals at our rescue. In November she began volunteer fostering for us as well, and is now fostering her seventh and eighth dog, Toby and Max, two Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier mix brothers. They are sweet and very active little guys; and already have adopters waiting for them.
Fosters are quite literally the life blood of any rescue; and ours is no different. There are always those special needs rescues that just need the extra attention and care only a foster home can provide. We assist with whatever you might need to be a successful foster home and would love to welcome you to our local foster home group!